Zebpay Referral code : Earn Free Bitcoins!!

Its been a long time since a good new loot so now its time to loot and earn free Bitcoins. Yes it is true now you can even earn free Bitcoins. We have combined use of some apps for you so that you just need to follow the steps below to start earning bitcoins! Make sure to enter zebpay referral code for signup bonus.

Zebpay referral code

Requirements : 

How to earn free bitcoins with zebpay referral code?

  • Download all the apps mentioned above.

  • Open zebpay app and signup with new account

  • Verify with all your details and proceed to the next step which will complete your registration process

  • Click on Menu of Zebpay and click on Free Bitcoin option from the list and then enter this zebpay refer code : REF11925530

  • Now you are done with zebpay app close it and open Bitmaker app and complete registration process by logging in with google+ or Facebook
  • After registration it will ask you to enter a refer code enter this code to get signup bonus, refer code : 17FN7T

  • You will receive 2500 Satoshi for entering the refer code which will reflect in your account.

  • * Satoshi is the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin that can currently be sent. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

  •  Now again open Zebpay app & Click on “my address” from Menu section

  •  You will see a bitcoin address there just copy it

  •  Finally open BitMaker App & Click settings then paste Zebpay address in it.

  • Now you need to collect more Satoshi from Bitmaker App. Every 30 mins, you will get 500 Satoshi. You need minimum 5500 Satoshi to redeem it in Zabpay wallet.

* Refer friends & get 1250 Satoshi per referral once your referred friend earn at least 5500 Satoshi.

* After every 30 minutes, you will get notification from Bitmaker app where you need to watch 5-10 secs video to collect 500 Satoshi.

* Once you collect enough Satoshi in Bitmaker App, redeem & it will reflect in your Zebpay wallet through which can Recharge your mobile, Purchase Vouchers or Bitcoins.

To collect more satoshi you can download the 3rd app which was mentioned in the beginning of the post. Download it from here

* Download the apps refer your friends watch videos and earn Bitcoins it is easy to earn Bitcoins now.

So grab more Satoshi every 30 minutes & refer your friends to earn unlimited Satoshi. Comments will be appreciated in case you have any query regarding this tutorial.