[Game ended]Trick to earn ₹250 ShopClues voucher for free 

​Trick to earn Rs 250 ShopClues Coupan

1. Go to Game Page

2. Click on Play Game and Lose Level 1.

3. Right click and Select Inspect.

4. Now Find “Gaame Panel” & Under That “gContainer” and Under that “Timer” option will be there.

5. Now in the time section you’ll see few “30000ms” .. So change 1st one to “3ms” and click “Play Again”

6. Now you’ll win that level and New “30000ms” line will be added and now change that to “3ms” and click “Go to next Round”

Everytime you win a level .. “30000ms” new line will be added so edit that to 3ms.. each time..
Done ? You’ll win all 5 level by Just “Changing time” & Clicking “Go to Next Round”