Oneplus Contenst win 1 crore or a oneplus 3t and even amazon giftcards

One Plus Contest Back Again!! Now they Are Giving Amazon Gift card 


800 pts – 500amazon gv

1000pts- 1000amazon gv

1200pts – 2000 amazon gv And Lucky Ticket!! 

And One Plus 3t 

And Lucky Contest Coupon from which You can Win One plus 3t 

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I voted for #OnePlus3T as India’s Best Rated Smartphone. Participate and you can win Rs 1 crore 
Here is link for signup

Terms and conditions 
How to play

  • Earn up to 200 points every week by completing tasks.
  • Redeem 1200 points against lucky draw tickets.
  • Lucky draw winners get a chance to win golden tickets.
  • Golden ticket winners play the final round of the contest with Amitabh Bachchan.
  • 1 winner takes home the Rs. 1,00,00,000 prize.

How to earn points

 Points can be obtained by completing 6 weekly tasks: 200 points for each task, maximum 1200 points. The weekly task is unlocked every Wednesday from March 9th to April 12th.

  • 800 points can redeem Rs. 500 Amazon Gift Card;
  • 1000 points can redeem Rs. 1000 Amazon Gift Card;
  • 1200 points can redeem Rs. 2000 Amazon Gift Card or Lucky Draw Ticket.