[Amazing] Chance To Win The Oneplus 6 By Participating in the OnePlus Photo Blind Test

Hey guys. Have you heard about the OnePlus Stock Photo Blind Test Contest? This is a new contest which is organized by the OnePlus on the occasion of its new flagship OnePlus 6  release.

oneplus 6 photo blind test

What is the OnePlus Photo Blind Test contest?

If you are striving enough to win an OnePlus 6 device on 17th of this may, then this is your chance.

OnePlus is running a new contest between its followers to giveaway 3 brand new OnePlus 6 phones and many more cool prizes. If you want to know about the contest more, then scroll below.

Normally in this campaign, there are 2 contest to be hold.

They are

  • OnePlus Lucky Draw Contest. [ T-Bag, Caps, OnePlus Vouchers ]
  • OnePlus Leaderboard challenge. [ Prize -3 OnePlus 6 Phones ]


#Contest Number 1 – OnePlus Lucky Draw Contest.


By OnePlus Lucky Draw Contest, you can win some cool and awesome outfits and accessories like T-shirt, messenger bags and many more.

Here is the list of prizes for the OnePlus lucky draw contest.

  • JCC T-bag ( Total 40 Pieces )
  • OnePlus Messenger Bag ( Total 40 Pieces )
  • OnePlus JCC Cap ( Total 90 Pieces )
  • OnePlus Voucher Worth 300 Rupees. ( Total 500 Vouchers )
  • OnePlus Voucher Worth 150 Rupees. ( Total 750 Vouchers )

Steps To Follow For Participating in OnePlus Photo Blind Test Lucky Draw Contest:

  1. Go to the OnePlus Blind Test event page from here
  2. Scroll down, you will see 4 pics along with a lucky draw button.
  3. Click on the “Lucky Draw” button.
  4. Sign up with a new account and you will be redirected to the event page.
  5. If you don’t go to the page automatically, click here to go to the page.
  6. Now click on any one of the image appearing on screen and wait for the images to appear fully.
  7. There are 4 sections, you have to choose 1 photo out of 4 from each section.
  8. Now after voting, there will be an option stating “Draw Now”. Click on it.

You have total 5 chances to draw your chances.

Your chances completely depend on your luck. If you win any of those prizes mentioned, then you have got it well.

#Contest No 2 – Invite and Win The OnePlus 6

oneplus 6


This Invite and win the OnePlus 6 contest is very simple. You just have to follow a few steps and if things goes in favor of you, then you are taking home the new OnePlus 6 phone.

You need to follow these steps to win the OnePlus 6:

  • Go to the events page from here, and sign up for a OnePlus account.
  • If you have already done this step from above, then no need to do it. Make sure that you follow the link which is given by our site.
  • Otherwise it will not work .
  • Now in the vent page, scroll below and go to the “Invite and Win OnePlus 6” section.
  • Click on the copy link button from the right side.
  • Share that following link with your friends and colleagues.
  • If they sign up and participate in the OnePlus Photo Blind test Contest, you will earn points.

You will get maximum 1 point for referring one of your friends. Top 3 persons who have referred maximum people will get the OnePlus 6 device as the prize. There is a leaderboard chart which is updated in a frequent interval of time. So you can check you ranking in a regular span of time. If you finish between the top 3 positions, then you have got it.

Well, there is nothing more I can describe you. Because we are already running late. Hurry up and start referring your friends to win the OnePlus 6 and many more awesome prizes. Don’t miss it.