[Loot] Myntra Fashion Upgrade – New Way Of Buying Clothes

Hello readers. Welcome back to Lootwala and here we are back with something special. Have you heard about the Myntra Fashion Upgrade yet? Well, there is something special about this Myntra Fashion Upgrade event. And you are going to know soon enough.


Have you ever heard about the famous Indian NGO name Goonj. Myntra has collaborated with Goonj in their next rural area development project in the 23 states in India where Goonj will be collecting and distributing excess household stuffs like clothes and apparels.


This campaign is is live now and going to last from 19 November to 25th November. Hurry up and read the instructions below.


How Does That Work?


Myntra has again re-insisted it’s special collect points and buy goodies program of theirs and there are quite a lot buzz going around about that. So basically you just have to collect points in this campaign of Myntra and in exchange of them you can buy clothes from Myntra for free.


But there is more.


Here is the complete process…

  • You can go to the Myntra offer page by clicking here.

  • In order to buy goodies from Myntra with exchange of points, you have to give away pre-used clothings of your own of whichever category you are selecting the products to buy.

  • So, suppose you are buying a jeans pant from Myntra in exchange of points. You have to make a list of items which you are really willing to exchange with the new jeans from Myntra.


  • And upon the delivery, you have to give that specific product to the delivery agency and after then you will be getting the new jeans from Myntra from the same delivery agency. And you already know that the products you will be buying are totally free. You just have to collect the adequate points in order to do that.


Here are the details about redeeming the points in exchange of items from Myntra.


  • 1 point is equal to 1 rupees.

  • You can collect as much as points you can and buy products from Myntra and exchange your own pre-used goods.

  • There are other sections containing point details about more items which are not showing in this image. You can go through them to know more.


So, here is how to collect points from Myntra.


  • By Choosing Your Desired Products –  You can directly make a list of things you want to buy and exchange from Myntra in this Myntra Fashion Upgrade campaign. And the points will be instantly added to your account. You can use them to buy anything you wish from the ecomm site. And you have to exchange your own clothing items which you have choose while checking out.


  • Give This Campaign A ShoutOut & Earn Points – Besides the hard ways, You don’t have to do anything at all and just invite your friends to this page by your referral link. And when a friend of yours visits the page by clicking on your referral link, you will get points. With one successful visit, you can earn total 50 points. Do as many as you can.  Go to this page of Myntra to generate your own referral link.


Isn’t this really cool?


Yes, of course it is. So, what are you waiting for???? HURRY UP and start collecting points from Myntra. Remember that the points collected by you will be expiring at 23.59 PM on 25th of November, 2018. If you have any queries or need help regarding anything, feel free to comment. We will get back to your as soon as possible.


Happy Looting! ?