(expired)Amazon loot : Get 25% off on any Amazon Product!!

Hey readers amazon is a leading ecommerce company where you can find any type of product you want and many of the people like me are dependent on amazon for their daily needs so here i bring you today a new amazon loot or a trick with which you can get 25% cashback on any product but with a max limit of ₹250.



How to get 25% off on any amazon product?



  • First you need to create a new account on amazon because this offer is only for new users who are adding amazon pay balance for the first time. To create new amazon account click here
  • After creating account and completing the verification you can start using your account
  • Then you need to add amazon pay balance more than ₹300
  • Go to this link and add amazon pay balance (use the link otherwise you wont get any cashback)

I would suggest you to add ₹1000 because this offer comes with cashback of 25% which is with a max limit of Rs250 so if you add Rs1000 in amazon pay you will get the max profit with this offer.

  • After adding Rs.1000 you will get a cashback of Rs.250. (All cashbacks will reflect in your amazon account on 9th September).
  • Then you will have Rs.1250 in your amazon pay balance
  • You can now shop any product worth Rs.1250 for Rs.1000 that you paid in the beginning.


Offer valid till 27th August!

Offer valid once per user!


If we do the maths here is how it goes.


You pay ₹1000

You get ₹1000+₹250(cashback)

You buy product of ₹1250

You paid ₹1000 for product of ₹1250 so this is how you get 25% off!




Thanks for reading this article about amazon loot we will be back with more deals and loots till then stay tuned with Lootwala and our broadcast.