Big Deal : Buy Domino’s Voucher Worth ₹2000 At ₹1004 From MakeMyTrip

When it comes down to Pizzas, we have to admit that Dominos is unbeatable in terms of providing yummy and tasty pizzas to its customers. Well, Lootwala is back with a trick which will eventually get you Dominos Gift Vouchers worth 2000 Rupees in 996 rupees or 1004 rupees..‘


This trick can get you Dominos gift cards worth 2000 rupees in approx 996 Inr or 1004 inr. So, thats total GV of 2K rupees. Now, let’s roll to the how to get them section.


  • Update MakeMyTrip app to the latest version.
  • Go to the “Rewards Section” and collect the 20% off coupon code from there. You can directly copy the coupon code from there too. ( Once you update the app, it will automatically take you to the Rewards Section first )
  • Now, go to the Experiences Section. And search for Dominos.
  • Again, choose Dominos Gift Voucher worth 2000 rupees. Normally the price would be 1555 Rupees.
  • You can now apply the 20% off code which you got earlier in here and get 300 rupees off instantly.
  • If you have MMT Wallet balance, you can get additional 10 rupees off.
  • Now, pay the rest 1255 rupees using Amazon Pay. You will again get extra 20% cashback (249 rupees or 251 rupees depending on the step I have mentioned earlier)
  • Now, the final price would be 996 Inr or 1004 Inr. Pay and grab it for a great rate of discount using these simple tricks.


You will get your Dominos gift voucher in the email instantly. Enjoy your pizza! Or you can sell the gift voucher somewhere for quick money.


Note – The voucher will only be valid till 30th June, 2019. Make sure you use the voucher before that.


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