COC Free Gems – Get Clash Of Clans Gems For Free

Hey Guys, as clash of clans is one of the most grossing games and in that game if you want to level up you need to buy gems or get them and for that you need to buy it from them and it is really very costly so here we bring you the best trick to get them for free ill explain each and every step clearly so here we bring you how to get coc free gems.

How To Get COC Free gems

coc free gems


This Trick of coc free gems is divided into four stages:

  1. First Stage: Installation whaff, How to Get Dollar from Android
  2. Stage Two: Create and Configure Google Wallet
  3. Phase Three: Doing Withdrawal Dollar whaff
  4. Phase Four: Implementation Redeem Code to Google Wallet

(If you already know and have a balance in whaff, you can jump straight to the second stage.)



FIRST STAGE: Installation whaff

  • Download and install on your Android whaff from here . (Whaff can not be used in emulators like BlueStacks.)
  • Run the application whaff, then log in using your Facebook

  • Then As the first bonus, you can get $ 0.30 to enter the code BA16974


  • You have to install and try the applications in it, as an example of application Amazon, you must install and if you want to get more dollars, you have to use it for a few minutes a day. So, if I do not open the app, You do not make money, then. Of course it can be only $ 0.01 , whereas if you open the app and play it for a few minutes, you can get $ 0.20 – $ 0.50 (approximately USD 6,000/ app)


NOTE: You must do this at least until your balance reaches a minimum of $ 10.

You can even invite your friends and earn more dollars


SECOND STAGE: Google Wallet

As we know, Google Wallet is Google’s official payments for all product applications or games in Google Play, such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, and LINE Let’s Get Rich.

Well, specifically for the way we are talking about this one is how to use the Redeem Code that later we will get from whaff . But Redeem Code can only be used in the Americas (United States).

So if you are of US redeem it as Google play gift card or if you are from another country redeem it as PayPal and then from PayPal transfer that money to your bank and then later on you can buy gems from that money in clash of clans.

STAGE THREE: Withdrawal Dollar to Google Wallet

If your balance is already more than $ 10, you can make a withdrawal to the Google Play Gift Card (Google Wallet) or PayPal .

  1. Open and run whaff, and slide to the left, click on the “Payout” .
  2. Next, select the “Google Play Gift Card” as a method of making the dollar.
  3. You select the amount of the balance to be retrieved.
  4. Then, wait for about 1-3 hours, even a day or more to get a reply Redeem Code . You can see it at the Reward History> Check Gift Codes .

    FOURTH STAGE: Implementation Redeem Code

    The next is to apply the Redeem Code already we can into our Google Play Store.

    1. Go to the Google Play Store you, if I can use the latest version.
    2. Click Menu, and select Redeem.
    3. After that, enter the Redeem Code you got from whaff

Then Open your game and complete your purchase by buying gems from that money and here you got coc free gems.


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